Without intelligent elaboration and cogent execution, 'critical thinking' is at best a fine ideal. However, when a student sits down to attempt to grind out correct answers on a difficult standardized test, ideals and intentions will offer no greater assistance than prayer. "A Course in How to Think" has helped thousands of students both nationally and internationally, primarily ESL students whose scores were very low on SAT reading and concomitant ACT exams, whose average score increase has consistently surpseed 150 points.

The power of this course is that it has broken down the exact skill sets and practices that guarantee good results for average students, great result for above average students, and near perfect results for excellent students who employ the skills and engage the practices.

WriteRightWrite is now bringing "A Course in How to Think" to non-ESL populations for the first time, promising more than double the improvements of established test preparation for less than half the cost.